Christmas Day

People celebrate Christmas because religious people celebrate it as “Jesus’s Birthday”. They celebrate by going to church and putting presents under a tree. Different branches of Christianity celebrate it as a religious holiday. A normal non religious family,they just give family and friends gifts and gather during these holiday times.

I celebrate it because my family is religious and i just celebrate it with them. I think it should be a holiday because everyone celebrates and people get presents. Another reason is because we get break during school for it which is a benefit. Everyone around celebrates it and it is not just a holiday in the us.

Social Issue Research

What is your social issue?
My social issue is that we should raise the minimum wage.

Why is it such a social issue? What do people disagree about in relation to this topic?

It is a social issue because the amount not making enough to provide for their family. The people who disagree with this idea of raising it say that it will not alleviate poverty and there is a better ways to help help poor people.
What is your proposed solution?
Why do you think this is the best solution?

My solution is that we raise the minimum wage according to the state/county.

What are pros to your solution?
The pro’s are people will make more money and be able to live off of what they are making,they would have to live budgeted but that will be better than no money at all. Another pro would be more money would be flowing through the economy and if we can build up the economy that would also help people out of poverty.

What are cons to your solution?
The cons would be that hiring would be more expensive for. For large corporations it would not be that big of a deal but for smaller,local businesses it would be more difficult.

PlayDoh Creation

My play doh creation is a common hand tool most often referred to as a ratchet. I chose this because it is most commonly used in the automotive industry. I enjoy working on cars and that is what i would would like to be represented by. I also plan to go to an automotive school after high school. Working on cars makes me happy and gives me a sense purpose. I have been working on cars since i was a little kid. I worked on them with my dad and it was always a fun time for me as a little kid.It always brings back fun and happy memories for me. That is why i made the ratchet because it was my favorite tool to use as a little kid because of the what i thought was a cool noise. My grandpa taught me a lot about cars and i also credit what i know about cars to him now.